Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sambur's 60th Soirée...

This is a one-stop shopping invite, just follow these two simple directions.

So easy a caveman can do it. Doh! GEICO used that line already.

1) Please RSVP me. Clara Sambur would be so disappointed in her baby boy if anyone left the party hungry. (She was a pioneer in the uber Jewish Mother movement. She invented the line, "Eat! Eat!)
We need numbers to get an idea on how much yummy food/drink to have available. 

2) Make a copy of the "Admit One" invite. There will be a burly man or woman at the door checking to see if you and me have a remote connection. Think of it as a blue-collar version of Studio 54. 
A reasonable facsimile will work too.

Any questions, comments or funny stories can be directed to me at: or 970-484-8323 texts work too!

That's it! Hope to see you at the Tap and Handle on October 19th @ 5:30ish.
Consider this an early warning. 


PS. I included a copy and paste version of the invite below.


  Where? “Tap and Handle” 307 S. College Ave Fort Collins, CO
  When? Sunday, October 19th @ 5:30ish (Old People’s Hours)
    WTF? Come by and watch the aging host actually shrink before your eyes! Come see as he misplaces his reading glasses and loses his train of thought. (Those train cars were probably empty anyway). It’ll be my treat for tasty brews, delectable wines (not whines) and sustenance too.
Please RSVP at or the old fashioned way. Pick up
                     the phone!      970-484-8323        

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