Friday, August 15, 2014

Sarvis Creek Wilderness, Colorado

Is a wild area where animals outnumber the hunters who outnumber the hikers. That's why I wore my neon yellow shirt. Just in case a Bullwinkle the Moose stalker was pulling the trigger a tad early on the shooting season. 

It's a subtle beauty. You have to look closer for it. There's no above timberline "oohs and ahhs" from this joint. 

There's butterflies flittering around. There's a spruce eking out a living from a rock. There's a black bear being interrupted by yours truly while eating his thimbleberry breakfast and lunch. (He was a well-mannered bruin. The only thing I saw was his ample brown butt blowing through the brush). There's one upset hawk searching for a smaller meal than me. There's heaps of quiet and solitude. 

With the "Emerald Island" summer of moisture Colorado's had, the trail was a wet gauntlet of grass and willows. I was soaked up to my antiperspirant in no time flat. It's all good and no hyperthermia scare here. 

Enjoy the thimbleberries, the shadow selfie, and one tough spruce sapling

I'll soon be on my way to the High Unitas of Utah. (I don't believe it's any reference to the Beehive State allowing recreational marijuana sales like Colorado). 

Cheers and thanks for stopping by,

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