Tuesday, August 19, 2014

High Unitas Wilderness, Utah...

and another fowl (correct spelling) weather attempt at backpacking and peak bagging. 

Here was my Sambur-type game plan for Kings Peak (Utah's highest). 

I camped at the trailhead with Barley the Van, left before  "Good Morning America" aired and hustled 8 miles up the Henry's Fork trail and dropped off my big backpack. I picked up my little pack and scurried 3 more miles to 12,450" Anderson Pass.

By this time, an armada of battleship gray clouds began to assault my bluebird of happiness skies. Since I still have $ in my pension to spend another day, I took the conservative approach. I got the hell down from there. 

As usual, for the summer of 2014 hail, thunder and rain pursued this little Jewish guy down-trail. OY!

I reunited with my big pack and found a campsite. I was VERY hungry and thirsty by then.
See photo of my dinner guest. 

In the morning, I retreated back to Barley with drizzle as my constant companion.

And in the High Unitas, they DO shoot horses. 

I'm drinking an IPA in an Evanston, Wyoming Hotel 6. It doesn't get any better than this. Well, it probably does...


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