Sunday, October 26, 2014

We interrupt this Blog...

To bring you a word from our sponsor.

Every now and then I receive fan mail about my one and only book.
I'm pretty proud of this missive. I attached it below:

WOW!!! Just finished Destroying Demon's...   My boyfriend Hank and I (ilya) met you 4/22/14 in Utah when we were dropped off at the trail head for a one way hike of the west rim trail. The driver was a bit sketchy about where the trail head was, and before the rest of us in the van had donned our backpacks, you were off and running and yelled "Miami" here it is. You were maybe 30 yards away and you got us all on the right track. You didn't know my name but you knew we lived in Miami from our conversation. Your book is awesome. I'm a slow reader, 1 or 2 pages before I fall asleep, but I've learned a great deal about the history, geography and culture of this wonderful country from your book.   I grew up in England and Jamaica so I wasn't schooled in American history. I think your book would be a great read for our young people. It's informative and inspiring. I was shocked at the end to learn about your close call with that hit you took. Hank and I are amazed at how incredibly fit you are. Thanks for leading us in the right direction in Utah and thanks for an inspiring read. I'm sad it's over but loved every bit, especially the little vignettes from your career as a firefighter at the beginning of each state. We wish you all the best.

Ain't that great?

A former girlfriend indignantly deemed the book to be pornographic.
Buy a copy and decide.
If I get a spike in sales, I'll know the cliche "Sex Sells" is correct.

If you buy a squeaky clean new book direct from Amazon, I score $3.52. Don't give up your day job to self publish a book, even if it might be a bit "Blue." 

Find it here before the holiday rush at Amazon begins! It's available on Kindle too.

PS. The ability to read separates humanity from the animals. Enjoy!


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  1. This is a great book, you will learn a lot about riding on a bike (and IPAs), you will be entertained, and learn that our fireman do many difficult jobs.