Monday, October 20, 2014

A Wonderful Time was...

had by all. (I think!)

My brother (my hero and mentor) said it all when he announced to the crowd, "I never knew Jeff had so many friends!"

I had the pre-party jitters big time. I'm the kind of guy who can go days without saying anything more then, "I'll have another beer. Please!" to a bartender. For a sociable hermit like myself, I was nerve wracked until the big event began to roll along. Even I had a great time connecting with the people of my past. There were three fire chiefs there too!

If you attended thanks for coming. If not, you'll have to wait until 2024 when I turn 70. By then I will have calmed down enough to throw another soirĂ©e. 

BTW: I really turn 60 on November 15. I just didn't want to be this far north then. Brrr. I'll be in the Grand Canyon on the big day. I need to be someplace that is older than me.


The family photo shot could be the cheesiest smile I ever made.

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