Friday, October 17, 2014

Horsetooth Mountain Park, Fort Collins, Colorado

Long before the mountain bikers discovered this open space area west of Fort Collins, I was out there grinding up the trails in boots and trail runners. In the 31 years I lived in Fort Collins; I spent a lot of those days wandering around these foothills. I can honestly say, it never got old to be there.

The Native Americans thought the rock resembled the heart of an evil giant. The early trappers and traders had less of an imagination. They thought the granite chunk looked like a horse's tooth. The name Horsetooth began appearing on early maps and the moniker stuck.
The mountain is part of the City of Fort Collins logo. (Those lawn destroying, pooping Canadian Geese share the symbol too). 

At 7,260 feet it's only 70' shorter than Mount Kosciusko in Australia. The tallest peak in the land of Vegemite. 

It's a great place to have in one's backyard.

BTW: Late responders are still welcome to my soirĂ©e this Sunday. I'll admit this sociable hermit is a bit nervous about seeing all these human flashes from my past at one time. 

Cheers from the Choice City,

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