Thursday, October 2, 2014

Angel's Landing, Zion National Park...

After scoring my permit for an overnight in the Kolob Canyons for mañana night, Yay! I hit the trail almost running. I wanted to beat the lines of (shall we say) awkward hikers who would soon arrive on scene. 

Angel's Landing is a huge drawing card for the multitudes of Zion's visitors. It's a rite of passage to many. It features a lot of cliff-side, big drop exposure. So why do so many people with a fear of heights do it??? I dunno. I'm afraid of water, but then again fish do all kinds of bodily functions in it too. 

I got up to the top without having to say, "Excuse me! Please!" too many times as I slid by other trail blazers. 

By the time I was heading down, the Converse Sneaker, cotton sock and jeans wearing crowd was ascending. Although the Europeans stand out with their fashion statements. Dress shoes, button down shirts and slacks seem to work for them. Can someone please explain to me the wearing of scarves in the desert?
There was even one woman decked out in tight (I hardly noticed) black leather pants. Wow!

Then again, I'm sure I entertained them with my neon tank top and "Blue Light" special baggy black shorts.

In retrospect, today was more of a people watching day, then a scenery observation day. It was fun. 

A Dogfish 60 Minute IPA anyone?

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