Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah...

The rural legend goes, a few ornery cowboys corralled (read trapped) a herd of horses on a spit of mesa   connected to the mainland by a narrow neck. The horses were forgotten and starved to death. Hence the name of the park. Not a pretty story for such beautiful place. 

Some local historians claim the deceased horses were salvaged by McDonald's for Big Mac hamburgers. No one has substantiated that claim though to my knowledge.

Here's a photo of my great friends, Paul and Robin. We attempted to mountain bike some of Dead Horse park. It didn't go well. I wiped out and Robin got bruised. We leave on Tuesday to begin the 100 mile White Rim Trail. Our learning curve better improve.

BTW. I was Best Man at Paul and Robin's wedding. In fact, I've had that honor three times. All the couples have been happily married now for over a century. My point is: if you wish to stay married and keep away from divorce lawyers, get me to be your Best Man. My fee is not exorbitant. 

Good night from Moab, Utah. 

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