Sunday, July 13, 2014

Some days you win...

some days you lose and some days you get rained (and lightning) out.

The Sub-Eleven Foot Expedition Team plus one tall Irishman had all intentions of hiking across Rocky Mountain National Park this weekend.

 With the sobering thoughts of a nearby fatality lightning strike the previous day, we left Bear Lake parking lot. The weather forecast was sketchy to scary at best. We were making good time and above tree line near Flattop Mountain, when we decided to turn back. The clouds were quickly turning from snowy white to filthy laundry gray. They appeared thick too. Our window of safety had slammed shut. 

A smart hiker knows the mountains will be there another day. They are more patient than humans. I'm disappointed but it was the right decision. I was so looking forward to my dinner of dehydrated Pad Thai! 

BTW. A few hours later, a second person was struck and killed by lightning in RMNP.

Mother Nature is beautiful if it doesn't kill you. 

Be safe out there,

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