Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park...

Is gorge-ious. 

Geologists claim the steady assault of river water vs. rock created this wonder. 

Personally, I believe it's the handy work of ancient aliens engaged in an early Civilian Conservation Corp water project. 

Whatever the reality is, this preserved area is a sleeping beauty where wildlife seems to outnumber Homo Sapiens. 

The BC of the G is a park for everyone. 
It features hard yakka hikes that cleave the gorge's gut down to the source of all that erosion. I still have throbbing knees from one of those so-called trails.
For the less masochistic there's gentle strolls along the scrubby oaks and the rim. You can even drive the scenic road and occasionally peer over the sides. 

Fun Factoid: In 1901 Abraham Lincoln Fellows (great name) and William Torrence floated 33 miles of the river in 9 days-on a rubber mattress! 

Enjoy the photos. Please visit this way cool place before it gets on humanity's radar. It's worth the detour.

PS. I didn't fall (literally) for the old "take one step back to make the photo better" line from another wilderness photographer. 

Cheers from rainy Colorado,

I'm still hoping for a weather break in order to backpack the Maroon Bells Wilderness. 

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  1. Have planned on visiting this area for quite a while. Will have to get on it.