Monday, July 28, 2014

Meet Barley...

 My traveling companion and shelter when I'm not hiking a trail, on a bicycle or in a bar. 

The photos are old. Isn't  this "Throw Back Monday"? Barley has a new look too. He had his popped topped in 2013. Now, even a six-footer can stand tall in Barley. 

Check out all those amenities! 

Plenty of space in the Great Room to frolic with Fido, my trusty, loyal and obedient pug.

Full court basketball court.

Master bedroom equipped with state of the art lighting.

Kitchen area capable of anything from scrabbled eggs to roasts. Drop in for a fresh cuppa coffee or a cold IPA when you are in the neighborhood. I never run dry, even in Utah. 

Barley is truly a Van about Town!

Jonathan and I are now waiting out a Noah's Ark forecast before we venture into the Maroon Bells Wilderness for a multi day hike. 

Later on, we'll risk it all in Montrose, Colorado en route to the Horsefly Brewery for Happy Hour.

No one said retirement was easy.


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