Thursday, July 10, 2014

Now on a lighter note:

Announcing the resurrection of the "Sub-Eleven Foot Expedition Team." 
Good buddy Nelson and I don't measure up to eleven feet combined. Hence the name.

There's a vicious rumor out there, we are intolerant of height unchallenged people. Not so!
Doug McGraw will be joining us at his nose bleed altitude of 6'4" on our forty mile, four day transit of Rocky Mountain National Park.

I'm sure the long and short will all get along fine. Just so Doug doesn't pet us on our heads in passing.

My tour of Colorado will continue with a Weminuche Wilderness hike and a Maroon Bells Wilderness five passes trip.

Please join me in my future posts. Check in at your convenience. If you like what this blog is all about, please pass it along. 

I am working to try to make it one of the more interesting, entertaining and at times informative travel blogs out there.


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