Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mount Sopris...

Stands tall in the lower Roaring Fork Valley near Carbondale, Colorado. Although only weighing in at 12,966 feet (a pipsqueak compared to Colorado's numerous 14,000ers) it's an impressive peak.

I set out to hike it, with cooperative skies, light winds and an early start. Everything was honky dory until my descent. I followed some sporadic cairns that led me into another drainage. I checked my map. It showed a route down along West Sopris Creek, which would eventually lead to an exit. All was not lost! Bonus miles! 

I followed game trails and at times no trails. Down, down down I went until I saw a Black Lab and a pile of clothes nearby. I quickly surmised the garments didn't belong to the dog. 

"Hello!" I called out. I didn't want to surprise anyone.

It was just like Adam meeting Eve for the first time, only different.
I was wearing shorts and a tank top. She wasn't even sporting a fig leaf.

"Uh sorry. I kind of got off track from Sopris, could you please point the trail out to me?"
I made a monumental effort to make total eye contact. (Mostly).

"Sure. Follow that trail downhill and it'll take you to the trailhead." She wasn't even blushing!

I thanked her and awkwardly apologized again.

Her answer? "The pleasure was mine!"
You gotta love it!

Jeff with clothes on from Ouray, Colorado

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