Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bobcat Ridge Natural Area...

In 2000, a 10,600 acre camper caused fire ripped through an area south and west of Fort Collins, Colorado. 

The conflagration left behind a scorched land and stands of ghost trees.

On my 11 mile hike, I saw wild flowers, grasses and aspens taking root. Rabbits bound around and crows cawed overhead. A family of coyotes yipped but went unseen. 

The seemingly stark hillsides are now a place of solitude and introspection. When the animals aren't saying something, a steady breeze provides the background music.

Many years from now a Ponderosa Pine/Douglas Fir plant community will be calling the shots here. Be patient, it'll happen, but not in our lifetime.

I give the city of Fort Collins two thumbs up for preserving this work in progress for future generations. 

Mother Nature hates a void and she's always looking for work.


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