Thursday, October 29, 2015

With a Dwindling IPA Supply...

and time constraints, Jenny and I retreated from Beyond the Zion Curtain to brew and marijuana friendlier Colorado. Despite less than stellar weather, we stayed in motion. We visited lots of stands of Red Rocks. 

We had the moist fortune of glimpsing a rare tap pole shrimp. They occupy a small niche in the big order of things. Their whole life cycle revolves around the periodic pools of pot holes. 
Birth, childhood, sexual maturity, Happy Hour, parenthood and death all within the wet and dry cycle in a sandstone depression. They made great protein supplements for our dinners too. Use a really tiny lure to hook them if you want to be successful. They are most excellent when served up Cajun style. 

From The Hot Springs Lodge of Glenwood Springs,
(Barley the Van took the night off),

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