Tuesday, October 13, 2015

37 Miles in 6 hours...

37 miles in 6 hours..

to pound, bully and gyrate two 4X4 vehicles into the guts of the Maze.

When we arrived at sunset at Chimney Rock campground, the Lyle's and I were almost too exhausted for Happy Hour. Somehow I rallied enough to lift a cold IPA to my lips. Not an easy task after wrestling a 1985 Jeep through the tortuous terrain. The Jeep won many rounds.  

For once the National Park Service was spot on. The road into the Maze is long and unforgiving. 

Ahhh...but once the IPA buzz took hold and I looked around, I realized the effort (for now) was worth it. From the rim of the canyons, it's big views and big sky country. I can practically see the Moab Brewery from here. Below the rim, it only took a moment to see how the district got its name. It would be an awful place to get disoriented in. There's no easy way in or out. The trails are like the roads, rough and tumble. 

I ventured down to see the "Harvest Scene" petroglyphs. The Ancient Ones created a panel that looks like a cow. Maybe they were lamenting it's disappearance within this jigsaw puzzle landscape? Who knows? The Ancient Ones aren't spilling the Anasazi beans. 

Live from the Maze!
Can you believe I have Verizon cell phone coverage here?
Cheers from the Land of Standing Rocks.

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