Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Thirty Year...

dream will come true. No, not dating Bo Derek, that's a 25 year dream! 

I'm going into the Maze!!!

I finally found someone who doesn't fear dinging up his 4X4 Jeep and truck. We will use these macho mechanical beasts for what they were built for. Beat the poop out of them.
Thank You Greg Lyle and his family for allowing me to join in this adventure. I hear there will be s'mores at the campfires too. 

Do IPAs go well with marshmallows? We will soon find out.

This is a truly pack it in, pack it out sort of place. I mean everything!!! We will leave only footprints and tire tracks. 

So to you 20 or so blog fans, stand by for further photos and comments. Our trip is a week long. There will be plenty of yarns and pix to come.

Cheers from Green River, Utah.
My beer and coffee supply are holding up well.
See you on the other side.

PS. Note the pictograph photo of two Ancient Ones baseball players. I'm sure they swung the bat better than A-Rod of the Yankees. They were paid less too. 

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