Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Heck of a Way to Run

a Desert. 

As Hebrews, Jenny and I are genetically linked to arid regions. Think Moses and the Tribes wandering around the Negev for forty years. Those poor snooks had more luck finding Manna than moisture.

Since we've arrived near Moab and its famous red rock attractions, most of what we've experienced are Noah's Arc downpours and icky clouds. 
In downtown Moab, Barley the Van hydroplaned through three creek crossings. In a normal October they are dry street crossings. In Dead Horse State Park, a mudslide nearly inundated two REI tents. (Not ours!)


I yearn for a return to normalcy. I wanna talk to who's in charge! 

From dank and dreary Dead Horse Point State Park,
It's a great day for hypothermia!

I still have plenty of IPA's and a dry hotel room in Moab is looking better and better.


  1. Coyote tracks? Beautiful place!

  2. Your a magnet for precip!! Fix your Karma dude hahaha mfmfmfmf