Sunday, June 28, 2015

Another Brother from another Mother...

Unlike Brad who's tall, Waspish and votes Republican, Nelson and I kind of look alike. He's also a Member of the Tribe. 

Together the Sub-Eleven Foot Expedition Team (our combined heights don't add up to eleven feet) have summited the second highest mountain in Wyoming, survived the Mud, Blood, Sweat and Tears hike along the West Coast Trail, escaped from an overzealous Park Ranger at Mount Rainier National Park, pissed off two uptight Minnesotan couples at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and fished each other out of quicksand holes in Paria Canyon.  Yes, these are two tiny tough Hebrews. 

What's makes our feats even more impressive is that the Children of Israel aren't  thought of as explorers (except Moses and Noah, and they had no choice). I've heard rumors of a "Famous Jewish Explorers and Adventurers" book. It's the thickness of a Marvel Comic. 

The accompanying photo was taken atop Hallett Peak in RMNP. The trip was uneventful as far as trails and tribulations go.  At our age, that's not a bad thing. 
I'm hoping my older, shorter brother can join me in many trips to come. Fun and feisty backpacking buddies are hard to find. 

The final photo is the Sub 11.5 Foot Expedition Team. Nephew Keith scored a Kitchen Pass for a short hike around the summits of Boulder. He's waiting in the wings for a full expedition. 


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  1. With a teaser like that, I'll bite: If there's a WWJ blog post re the overzealous Mt. Rainier park ranger escapade, please post a link to it. If there isn't, please write one!