Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Too much White Death

For the first day of summer. 

On Dad's day and the solstice, I hiked 12 miles to Pear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. There were no fruit orchards at 10,500" but snowshoe amounts of the evil stuff. I post-holed along the trail, took an unplanned dip in Pear Creek (icy water up to my hinterlands), and snapped a few pix. 

It'll be awhile before the  High Country (that can mean a few things in Colorado) will be fully tenable. 

I'm hereby issuing an ultimatum, the cold crap must be melted and flowing downstream before July 8th. That's the day I'm heading west and into the best parts of Colorado. 
If Mother Nature doesn't cooperate, I'm bringing out an industrial sized hair dryer to perform the task. 

Come on Summer to the Mountains!

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