Tuesday, June 2, 2015

19,000 Pageviews or...


On July 4th, 2014, I launched "A Wandering, Wondering Jew" on Google's Blogspot. 

I began the blog for a number of reasons.

One: I wanted my musings and photos to be independent of Facebook. Yes, I still use FB to advertise my site. You can't beat the price - FREE! 

Two: The blog keeps my creative nectars spilling out in case I decide to pen a second book. BTW have I ever mentioned I once wrote a book? A W, W Jew is my Practice, Practice, Practice writing venue. 

Three: I was curious about all this viral talk. (I don't think you catch it from a dirty toilet seat). I was wondering how many hits I would score in a year. 

So...here's where you readers come in. If you've enjoyed following  along as I wander through time and space, please take a moment to share, forward or the old fashioned way-speak to others about A W,W J. 
Hackers from the former Eastern Bloc Countries are invited to help too! 

Right now, I'm sitting at around 16.780 pageviews. Seeing 19,000 on Independence Day would be so swell. 

Thanks in advance and I'll still buy rounds whenever we meet,

PS. I still had time to take a walk in the woods.

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