Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ceremonial Kiva or Man Cave?

You decide.

Many of you scoffed about my "It's all about the beer" theory concerning the Ancient Ones southern migration around the 1300's. 

I'm not the kind of blogger who gives up easily. Today, I went back to Mesa Verde National Park to unearth proof of those wily Old Timer's beer drinking habits. I took a short hike to Step House Ruin. A few other visitors were engaged in conversation with the on-duty Ranger. While she was being distracted, I scooped up a few shovelfuls of dirt near the Kiva/Man Cave. 

In the final photo, this is what I found. A few well worn Koozies and a beer bottle cap. Thus proving my theory. The Ancient Ones had great tastes for baseball teams, diners and beers.
Fido (my obedient Pug) heeled in order to provide perspective for the photo op. 
That's a good dog!

En route back to Boulder beginning today,

PS. Speaking of beer. I'll be at the Old Town, Old Chicago this coming Fat Tuesday. We can toast to the Ancient Ones there at 6. Come on by!

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