Sunday, June 7, 2015

Meet the newest...

Colorado Rockies fan.

Yesterday, Little Syd Sambur took in her first MLB game. That's her proud father and my nephew Keith hugging her. (He's the World's tallest Sambur). 

I'm not sure if L. Syd understood the subtleties and nuances of America's Pastime, but she sure loved those chocolate covered strawberries before the first pitch. Whatever works. 

Speaking about pageviews, I'll never grovel for assistance from my readers in reaching a milestone again. You all left! Come back! I promise I won't beg again. 

Maybe one day, I'll figure out my fickle electronic audience. Beer (right word) with me. This is still a blog in progress.

Gee. It's raining and lightning again.

From Fort Collins, Colorado.
Good Evening to all,

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