Monday, March 13, 2017

A Land of Superlatives...

"Hottest, Driest and Lowest" are the oftentimes mentioned descriptors of Death Valley National Park. Those words are imprinted on gift shop T-shirts so it must be true. However, there's so much more to Death Valley. 

It's the largest National Park in the lower 48, contained in the most populated state in the Union, yet, you can find plenty of solitude. A whopping 92% of this stark jewel is designated Wilderness. Thank you, President Clinton. 

Now, I'm at a stage of my life when I see gaggles going right, I'll go left. If you are willing to walk a few miles further up a canyon or mountain (like I am) you'll have it for your own. It's quiet too. 

While I drive the low trafficked byways, I'm constantly scanning the scenery for a canyon or an obscure old road to explore. Oftentimes, the hike will lead me to an abandoned mine, complete with derelict cabins and discarded dreams. Most of the Diggers in DV never struck "pay dirt." I'm guessing making the Big Bucks might have been icing on the cake for these hermits. Many were probably attracted to the silence and the big wide open spaces. Same as us modern day tourists. 

Two of my favorite activities involve sunrises lighting up the Panamint Mountains and sunset Happy Hours while viewing the Amargosa Range. All I have to do is turn my folding chair 180 degrees while holding a hot or cold beverage. The sun does all the rest. It's a dirty retirement job, but someone has to do it.

Cheers from Dana Point, CA. 
Where did all these people come from? 
World Baseball Classic starts manana.
I knew there's a good reason why I'm here.


The last photo is my newest Real Estate scheme. Condos in the Panamints. I'll cut you a great deal.

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