Thursday, June 2, 2016

I've never thought of myself as a...

Minimalist, until my old buddy Gladdie invited me along to see the movie of the same name  in Boulder, Colorado. 

Here's a description of the movie makers from their website:

Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus write about living a meaningful life with less stuff for 4 million readers. As featured on: ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, TODAY, NPR, TIME, Forbes, The Atlantic, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and National Post. They live in Missoula, Montana

Holy Crap! 4,000,000 readers! I'm jazzed about 30,000 plus page views! 

Enough page view envy.

The movie detailed how owning little equates to a more fulfilling life. Joshua and Ryan embarked upon a one year road trip across our Great Land of Consumerism preaching the Gospel of Less. They filmed their talks, hugged a lot of people and connected with many Americans who might have been questioning their own personal net worth. There were interviews of people living in tiny houses, tiny apartments and owners of tiny wardrobes. There was one Dude who carried all his stuff in two small duffle bags. I can't top that.

There were no interviews of any 61 year old Jewish man living in a Barley Van down by the river. What am I? Chopped liver? 

For me, getting rid of everything was the logical step to be free to wander and wonder. My stuff was trapping me in Tucson. 

Like I mentioned in my Homeless II post, it all stems from my near ultimate biffing it experience. It's true, being as close as a wisp of wind to getting killed can change a person. 

Then again, I never owned a lot. When I made my big move to Tucson from Colorado, the moving men laughed. They told me most Americans own 6,000 pounds of stuff each! I owned less than 3,000 pounds of stuff for my entire household. The thought of shopping for anything other than food or beer makes me feel queasy.

As I've mentioned numerous times, it's a simple lifestyle. Adjustments have to be made to live on such a small scale. A person can get a bit feral. After three plus years, I'd say I've adapted well. The only things I truly miss is a printer and my Sorrel White Death Boots. I miss not having a girlfriend too, but that's not a thing.

The movie ended with a simple message from Joshua. "Love People, Use Things. The opposite never works." 

I agree with that statement 100%. 

Jeff drinking coffee and writing this from Barley the Van,
Good Day!

PS. This is most of the stuff I own. There is one large red duffle bag, some family photos and maps at my best nephew's Keith's house in Boulder. 

PPS. It's not too late to sign up for the Great W, W J Sweepstakes. OK, the payout is sort of Minimalistic too. 

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  1. I posted a link on the Minimalist page. I hope they read it and maybe you'll make the next movie....there has to be a sequel, right?