Sunday, April 10, 2016

My Expanding Family...

By now all my faithful readers know about buddy Brad being my brother from another Mother. 

On this recent arduous journey through the depths of the Grand Canyon, Brad brought along his sons, plus one significant other. Between the three of them they had a total of one trip's worth of backpacking experience. In the wide world of hefting loads and humping up and down canyons, they were barely out of the candy wrapper. We are talking newbies.
Those youngsters kicked butt! 

I have now adopted all three to be my extra nephews and one niece from another Mother. 
They have given me hope for the future. They were all well mannered, smart, respectful and didn't whine! 

Max, Cassy and Sam were even considerate. They managed to stifle yawns as a doddering blogger (me) expounded on John Wesley Powell, the Kolb Brothers, Glen Canyon, the Sierra Club and Colorado River law. 

From their ever present smiles, I truly believe they were as overjoyed to be in the Big Ditch as I was. That's a lot of grins.

I'm almost sure these rookies caught the pretty places passion too. I hope so. We need young folks to stand up for wilderness, National Parks and all the good stuff that makes America worth retiring in. If
not the future for people like me isn't bright. Strong Work!

Thank you Brad/Bro/Dude for taking the task of parenting seriously. Your efforts paid off in a human's worth of winning Powerball tickets. Even a curmudgeon bachelor (your's truly) can see that.

As for me, I relearned a lesson. I'm happier in wild, stark places than overbuilt, congested cities. In  March 2017, me and Barley the Van will stay on the road and explore. 

Onto Utah today!

PS. Give a shout if you happen to be behind the Zion Curtain this month and May. I'm pretty sure I have enough IPAs for guests. 


  1. Great blog! Thanks to you for being a great friend, guide and trip leader! Come on Sierras!!!!

  2. Hello fellow pilgrim glad to see you have a great rest of your trip. Windi