Saturday, April 16, 2016

Barley the Van wishes to Thank...

the generous anonymous donor who recently purchased a Kindle edition of "Destroying Demons". In fact, Barley appreciates everyone who ever dropped down a few $, € or £'s on my travel memoir too.

With that sale, Barley and me will be able to wander and wonder for about thirteen more motorized miles. That's makes us both very happy. 

Even now after 4.5 years of "Destroying Demons" going public, I break out in a grin after I notice a sale on Createspace or Kindle Publishing. I also know that with each purchase Mr. Amazon grows richer too. I'm not so overjoyed about that. 

In a day and age when more books are being published (the reality of self-publishing) but less Americans are reading, it's nice to know you chose my book. 

Thank you,
Reading is one thing animals can't do. That skill makes humans-human. 

When I'm not in motion, I love to read or blog. 
Cheers from chilly Zion National Park.

PS. How many of those self published books won a Gold Medal IPPY! See last photo with Fido posing. 
PPS. I don't think the medal is made of gold. 

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