Sunday, August 23, 2015

So Many Colorado Wilderness Areas

So little time. 

With the chill of Autumn arriving way to fast for this blogging Cold Weenie, Jenny (the Wandering, Wondering Jew in training) and I saw firsthand a few of Colorado's Wild Places. 

We spent three nights in Crested Butte where the town's slogan should be, "You don't have to be a young stoner to live here, but it helps." From this village of HIGH, we drove and hiked higher. We managed to gain some altitude in the Ragged and the Maroon Bells Wilderness. On one jaunt, we ascended "Oh Be Joyful" Creek. A very correct name for the scenery surrounding us.

As far as the Maroon Bells goes, the atmosphere was downright tepid on top of Frigid Air Pass, (12,451 feet). 

On another day, we joined forces with Paul and Robin for a hike to 12,088 Cataract Lake. It's true, you meet the nicest people in the mountains of Colorado.

This blogger is now one beat and beat up dude after my scree filled ascent to Red Cloud Peak. 
But that's another blog.

It's almost Happy Hour in Lake City, Colorado 
Yes there are fungus among us too.

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