Saturday, August 15, 2015

Roamin' in Wyoming...

There's a draw to the 10th largest state in the Union with a population less than a New York City Borough. I'm talking about the Cowboy State with their newest tourist slogan, "Forever West." 
There's probably more antelope, deer, moose and elk than people there. For me, that's a good thing. 

Me, Barley the Van and Jenny (she's a Wandering, Wondering Jew in training) struck out north from the Front Range of Colorado. (There's 5.3 million Coloradoans. The secret is out.)
Our game plan was simple; hike, Happy Hour, sight see and camp in quieter, less traveled surroundings. We got our wish.
After summiting Medicine Bow Peak, we paid a visit to two Wilderness areas. We hardly brushed other bipeds along our way. Nothing but scenery, our thoughts and silence (when I wasn't babbling). 

Jenny took all her new experiences in stride. She actually enjoyed campfire Happy Hours and U.S. Forest Service campgrounds. She's a real tough, adaptable Jewess. 

Goodnight from Buena Vista, Colorado 

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