Sunday, August 16, 2015

Now somewhere back in Colorado...

Yes, Wyoming has many scenic attractions, but let's not forget that Colorado is no chopped liver either. (No Jew wants to be compared to chopped liver. Hence the expression, "What am I? Chopped liver?" 

After provisioning up with the necessities: fuel, IPA's, coffee, bread for PB&J's, cheese, eggs and lots of fruit and veggies, I aimed Barley west toward the mountains. As usual (for this summer) my plans for the next few weeks are loosely structured. I made a few reservations for campsites and have a notion of route of travel. 

My first stop was Buena Vista and Eddyline Brewery. Here in the Arkansas River Valley the adjacent Collegiate Peaks go "Air Jordan" from the flats below. 

No summer in Colorado is complete without a scramble to the top of a 14'er. That's Centennial State slang for a peak over 14,000 feet. In the Heart of the Rockies, we have 54 to choose from. Today, I chose 14,196' Mount Yale. They don't call them the Collegiate Peaks for nada. 

Speaking about colleges! Colorado's crowds will be heading back to school soon. Campsites and seats in brewpub's will be more plentiful. Hiking will go back to being a silent sport. There will be less road rage. It's all good and I'm looking forward to it. 

In the last picture: that's good buddies Paul and Robin. They are my neighbors at Taylor Reservoir. 

I'm a lucky guy. I even have Happy Hour company. 

From cloudy Colorado,

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