Tuesday, July 7, 2015

So long Boulder, Colorado and the...

Front Range for now. 
It's been a very comfortable month of hanging out despite the stranger than usual weather. (Yesterday's high temperature was in the 60's). 
Here's my clicheish thought on world climate change. The new normal is there is no normal.

Which is similar to the denizens of Boulder. What's normal? It's a people watching paradise. Even an ADD adult like myself can be entertained for hours while drinking an IPA and watching the throngs of humanity breeze by on Pearl Street. 

Colorado is home to me, make no mistake about it. Too bad, Sid Sambur passed on his Cold Weenie gene to his youngest son. It would be so easy to live in this state if I could handle inclement weather. 

But then again, there wouldn't be a W, W Jew blog. 

Off to a wet campground in Rocky Mountain National Park manana. Good thing I have a great book to read to while away the night.

Come on summer!

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