Thursday, July 9, 2015

On a day that felt...

more like early-May than post-summer solstice, I headed uphill toward Timber Lake in RMNP.
When I closed in on tree line, there was hail, a few rogue lightning bolts and moose.

I love moose. They are an animal designed by a painfully hungover committee. While elk have the grace, style and class of Michael Jordan in his prime. Moose are content to have evolved from Homer Simpson. Doh! 

The committee members added aquatic talents to their long list of descriptors. Decades ago, I saw a bull wade out into a lake on Isle Royale National Park. He went Tarzan for 45 seconds below the surface. Who the heck knows what he was doing under the water. Eating? Looking at the fish? Checking out the view? 

I didn't ask and he didn't tell.

Warming trend on the horizon in Grand Lake, Colorado.


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  1. Neat pictures! Looked up ID for the flowers:
    American (Spreading) Globeflower Trollius laxus
    Ref: Ells, J. Rocky Mountain Flora. 2nd. Ed. Colorado Mountain Club Field Guide. Golden, CO. 2011.