Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Not screwed this time...

By Corkscrew Peak. Today, there was no wandering around. The cairns guided me up and all I had to do was chase them. Kind of like a bloodhound on a scent!
At 5,801 feet, it's a Colorado anthill. In Death Valley, it's a challenge. (3,300 feet elevation gain in a scant 4 miles). 
OY! I was shvitzing! (Sweating). 

In the most populated state in the U.S (California has 38 million denizens) I saw one lizard, one chipmunk and one fluttering butterfly. Madame Butterfly is now mounted on a pin and can be seen in Barley. Only joking. I may be a lot of things, but I am no lepidopterist. 

Look closely. That's standing water in Death Valley. Surfs up! Dude!

This is one mountain worth the shvitz labor to ascend. 

Good night once again from below sea level,

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