Monday, December 8, 2014

Farblonzhet in ...

Death Valley National Park...

The Yiddish word for lost. I wandered around (remember my blog's title) for over three hours searching for the route up Corkscrew Mountain. I journeyed up washes, gullies and canyons before Eureka! I found actual cairns leading towards the peak. By this time it was too late to continue upon this 9 mile RT hike.

There's only 9 hours and 45 minutes between sunrise and sunset here. A long blink and you can miss it. 
Like General MacArthur I shall return (maƱana) and shoot photos to prove it.

Tonight you will have to settle for Mosaic Canyon. In the fire service they told us to always have a Plan B in case Plan A's not working. Here's Plan B photos. 


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