Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I'm Downsizing...

After all who needs all that space and stuff in Barley the Van? It's practically a Super Walmart minus the "Greeters" and electric shopping carts in the aisles.

Meet Sparky! 

I know, it's a bit snug for sleeping. I had to sell my baby Grand Piano too. You know the one in Barley's parlor beneath the chandelier, next to the fireplace. 
But the gas mileage rocks! I topped it off with an eyedropper of petrol after a week of moseying.

Nah! Sparky is just a temporary downsize. I still have the Big Guy waiting for me in Phoenix. 
We'll be en route to Death Valley National Park. Far, far away from America's shopping malls and department store Santa's. 

Anyone care to join me? There's only one thing more spectacular than a sunrise in Death Valley. That's a sunset in Death Valley. 

So long for now from the Sunshine State.