Monday, January 30, 2017

I had a dream...

or should I say nightmare.

In my subconscious, I was seated at a President Scumbag (AKA Trump) rally. Nearby were a few people I recognized but have not seen in years. One was dressed up comically in a Red, White and Blue harlequin outfit. Unfortunately, that's where the laughs ended. 

The speeches were laced with "alternative facts" and a heaping dollop of hate. In other words, a continuation of the Billionaire Con Man's campaign prattle. 

His supporters were getting worked up and frothy. In my dream/nightmare I became scared. The crowd's anger was of the almost tactile variety. I heading for an exit practically shoveling aside the hate. The doors were locked. I was trapped. (That's  a clear violation of fire department's safety code!) 

I woke up in emergency services fast mode. My hair was matted down and icy wet. Definitely a nightmare.

I've been checking into the news from far away New Zealand. I see the reality of President P---y Grabber's regime has been a true nightmare. 

A) So far:  The US will emulate East Germany and its infamous Berlin Wall. (That sure worked). We will build an overpriced physical barrier between predominantly White Folks and Brown Folks. Thus showing the world, we can't get along with our immediate neighbors. Mind you, there was no "Let's get together and see if we can find a workable immigration solution for both Nations." New Zealand's Dominion Newspaper summed it up this way, "Trump's Wall is symbolic of a catastrophic political failure."

B) Gag orders for employees of Federal Agencies? Isn't that Unconstitutional? First Amendment.

C) Ramping up Military Spending. The US already shells out more $$$$$ than the next six largest Military Nations combined! How many times do we need to blow up the world to make it safe for our way of life? 

D) Executive Order for oil pipeline construction with little regard for environmental effects. 

E) The beginning of the end of Obamacare with no program to replace it. 

F) A ninety day ban on citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries and 120 day ban on all refugees. Faster than one can say Bigot, 130 million people (mostly Muslims)  are now "Persona non grata" from entering the former Land of Religious Freedom. Now, that's Un-American. If you don't see my point, I dare you to substitute your race or religion for the word Muslim in the above note. Now, how do you feel? 


All this unpredictability erupting from a formerly stable World Power has caused an international outlash of protests. The symbolic  "Doomsday Clock" has been bumped up 30 seconds to 2.5 minutes to Midnight/Armageddon. The last time it's been so close to "End of Days" was in 1953. That's something a new President should not be proud of. 

What really irks me about all this is knowing the hate mongers/racists now have a Representative in the White House. I think about all the times I've heard the use of the "N" word in reference to Obama, or a recent call for a "Second Crusade" to deal with the "Muslim Problem," or overheard the unfounded beliefs that  "Jew Bastards " control the World's banks and media. All these misfits are now smiling. I'm not. 

Personally, I believe President Tax Evader is insane. I can prove it too. At Zero-Dark-Thirty am, he should be snuggling next to the ever-enticing First Lady Model. Instead? He's Tweeting out angry texts while wearing an expensive suit with an American flag pinned to his lapel. As a single guy who might be a bit harmlessly crazy, I would call this act insane. 
(Maybe he's ingesting too many of these). 

BTW. I hate writing these blogs. In the past, I might not have fully agreed with the agendas of former Presidents. However, I never considered their programs to be unconstitutional or truly evil. (Maybe stupid, but not demon inspired). America is going down the twisted trail of Nationalism. President Combover's "America First!" (AKA F--k the rest of the World, we are going to do what we want) policies have already alienated our Allies.  I predicted this in my last rant. I just didn't think it would happen so fast. 

The America I was once proud to be a member of, used to be a guiding light of Democratic Ideals. (All men are created equal...). Now, we are a sputtering candle of intolerance and lowlife concepts. The US Constitution is being severely tested. It's up to the Senators, Congressmen, Supreme Court and We the People to stand up for what's right. 

President Bluster ran a campaign based upon Us vs. Them. It's safe to say I'm a Them. 

Lastly, I'll forward a link to all those who say to me (and others like me) "Get over it! Trump is the President!" I know he's the President, but I don't have to like it or him.

From far far away,
Good night,


  1. Wow Jeff… I’m astounded. I have been tolerant of your political rhetoric thus far and continued to read your blogs without comment. However, you my friend, have gone too far. I am totally offended for your disrespect for the office of president of the United States and that you have called people who have been friends with you for years, names like “Kool Aid Quaffers”(sic), “hate mongers/racists”.
    Yes, your freedom of speech is protected constitutionally. Ain't it great to live in a free country. President Trump will fight to insure that that freedom continues.
    I would like to continue to comment on your tirade, but your blog limits my response to 4000 characters. Talk about "freedom of Speech". See my email.
    Your "Deplorable" friend.

  2. Funny you should write to me Mike.
    You were sitting next to me in my Dream.

    Well, your boy ran a despicable campaign based on divide and conquer.
    He did not win the majority vote. He did a masterful campaign of getting people to vote.
    Hilary didn't. Not once in my posts did I ask people to vote for Hilary. I have Republicans friends who sat this one out. The man is deplorable.

    As a first generation American, his rants hit me below the belt.
    His idea of America and mind (and apparently yours) are so far apart.

    I'm also sorry that your family members were murdered by a Mexican National.
    My family members were murdered by Germans. I still talk to Germans.

    Mike, I wasn't saying the US could use some improvement, but you don't burn down your house because there's a few mice beneath the sink.

    I am sorry, my post offended you. I'm more sorry we have a President who uses the same strong language and none who voted for him blinked.

    Mike, I am tolerant, just not a for a man who preached so much hate and division.

    Well, old buddy. I guess we are now old buddies. I'll remember the good times we once enjoyed.

    Good luck in Montana,
    This election election divided the nation. It divided friends too.