Thursday, January 5, 2017

A day in Auckland..

It took me nine hours of sleep to get over the forever flight from LAX to Auckland, New Zealand. Today, I had a very productive day of picking up supplies for two months of Kiwi-style hiking and sightseeing. After my chores were done, I strolled around.

First off, Auckland is not only the largest city in NZ, it's also the most cosmopolitan. There's people from everywhere here. I overheard many strange tongues including the Kiwi version of English. I had meal choices from all over the globe, even Botswana! The locals are friendly and everyone seems to get along quite splendidly.

This two-island Nation has a total population of 4.7 million. Tomorrow, I'll be happily leaving one third of those Kiwis behind. I'm ready to see some seriously Southern natural places. After spending two months in Scottsdale, I want out of the city scene.

New Zealand! Show me the scenery!


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  1. I'm so jealous! -5 and 18" of snow in Estes Park this morning!