Friday, May 6, 2016

Belated Flowers for my Mom...

"Don't it always seem to go
You don't know what you got
Till it's gone"

Joni Mitchell

I regret I never gave Clara Sambur flowers on Mother's Day. 
My only excuses are I was too young, clueless and poor at the time. She passed when I was 17. Her final year was spent in and out of hospitals. Mostly in. She died at the age of 52. 
It was a crappy period of my life.

In retrospect, that tiny Viennese born woman (she was 4'11") made a huge impact on me.

Do you like my latch-onto-you-and-hold-on hugs? Thank Clara for that.

Do you like it when I break out into a smile when we make eye contact? Thank Clara for that. 

Do you like the occasional reassuring pats on your back? Thank Clara for that.

Do you like seeing me actually sit still and read a book? Thank Clara for that too.

I'm certain she passed along her gentle genes to me.

So Mom, I brought you some pretty flowers. I just wish I could have handed them to you in person. I still love and miss you.

Here's a little advice: Show your Mom you care while you still can. 

Happy Mom's Day!


  1. beautiful Jeff. Clara is smiling down on you and is enjoying your travels with you!

  2. What a lovely Mom you had. You were blessed. Thank you for sharing her story.