Monday, December 21, 2015

This ain't my idea of a summer....


Yesterday, we hiked along the undulating flanks of the Vallirrica Volcano. All was quiet except for the ever-present white plume of smoke emitting from the flat topped peak. Less than a year ago, it wasn't so quiet. An eruption  forced the evacuation of the nearby resort town of Pucon. 

Fortunately no one suffered the fate of the Vesuvius victims. There's plenty of seismic monitors  scattered about the moonscape and snow fields to alert the residents below. I thought about shaking the sensors to see if anyone would notice. If my scheme worked, it would have been free beer time in Pucon! 
The day was warm, sunny and mild.

Today en route to the more southern Puerto Montt, we find ourselves in a cloudy, clammy and chilly Chilean town. We see and smell gray smoke puffing from the chimneys of the wood burning stoves in this lakeside burg. It's 50 degrees here and that was the high. WTF! It's the summer solstice! 

In a few days, we will really be south in Patagonia hiking and hopefully dodging hypothermia. Check out the not so balmy 10 Day Forecast

Buenas Dias, Jenny (you wouldn't like this cold and damp either)

Weather for Puerto Natales, Chile

10-Day Forecast:
-- -- / 40°
Precip: 60%

AM Light Rain 54° / 37°
Precip: 10%

Showers / Wind 53° / 40°
Precip: 100%

Showers / Wind 51° / 39°
Precip: 20%

Rain 48° / 35°
Precip: 50%

Mostly Cloudy 57° / 40°
Precip: 50%

Partly Cloudy 57° / 43°
Precip: 20%

Mostly Cloudy 56° / 43°
Precip: 40%

Showers 56° / 42°
Precip: 20%

Mostly Cloudy 58° / 44°
Precip: 20%

I would be an untruthful politician if I said I wasn't concerned or worried about this.

Wish us luck.

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