Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A not so tropical rain forest...

We hiked today in Pooey National Park. The name looked like that, sort of. As far as the weather went, the conditions were sort of Pooey. The park is jammed up against the Andes. The border of Argentina was a short distance further east. There's volcanoes nearby which we couldn't see due to the clouds. The region receives over thirteen feet of moisture per year. There is no dry season.

It was like hiking in Tucson, Arizona, only different. If we took too long a break, liverworts began to grow on our packs. Skin moisturizers wouldn't be needed here. It's a freaking wet place. 

Somehow it just didn't feel like the first day of summer.

Look at the photos. Isn't it amazing all the shades green can be? 

On the move to Patagonia manana. Come on summer!

Hola Jenny from Puerto Montt,

Buenas Tardes,

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  1. Beautiful photos, Jeff. We're enjoying your blog, and wishing you both clear weather.
    Dan and Ellen