Saturday, April 14, 2018

Want to save money?

Visit Utah.

A few years ago in Zion National Park, I struck up a conversation with some Young Turks from LA. I began by tuning them up for picking the trailside  blooms. “Guys! Zion is a National Park, not a Flower Shop.” After awhile they warmed up to me. One leaned in and whispered, “What do people do around here for fun? Where’s the nightlife?”

I laughed and answered, “Dude! You’re in Utah! There is no nightlife except looking up at the stars and the Moon.” 

Then I explained further. 

Utah’s towns are tidy, safe and graffiti-free. The locals are civil, polite, friendly, family oriented and wholesome. The liquor laws are Mormon Doctrine based. In other words, it’s not easy getting a quality beer or other libations in the Beehive State. I call Utah a BYOB State. (Bring Your Own Booze)

Why bother going out to a bar & grill serving watery and weak draft brews at premium beer prices? I don’t! I plan ahead and bring my own. Sure the initial costs can be a shock. Stocking up on a half ton, five week supply of quality IPAs set me back $260. (My credit card company called me to confirm the charge!) At $7.42/day I consider it an inexpensive Happy Hour. 

So don’t come to Utah to Party On! Do come to Utah to gawk at the canyons, mesas, plateaus and all the beautiful stuff above and in between. The state is 66.5% Federally owned, so more than likely you won’t be trespassing on private property. When all things line up: the weather, the cool campsites and uncrowded trails; you won’t even miss the Club Scene. 

There’s worse ways of spending an evening than looking up at the stars and the Moon with a Double IPA in your paws. 

Think of all that money you are saving too! 

From cold and windy Kanab, Utah. 
Come on warmer temperatures!


PS. Wish me luck on getting a Wave permit.


  1. I love your post. Good luck getting the Wave permit.

  2. Hey! I'm the kid that rode in a van with you to West Rim last week. We had the time of our lives backpacking Zion, and it inspired me to do much more traveling in the (hopefully near) future. Your blog is great, and I'm purchasing your book on kindle as I type this. Cheers!

    1. Thx for the book sale. That’s a half gallon of gas for Barley the Van. Please tell your billions of FB buddies about my blog. Maybe I’ll score another Kindle sale or better yet, a sponsor.

  3. Hope that you got your permit, can't wait to see your pictures! Are you headed for the Monument before they start drilling?

    1. Sigh! I didn’t get the permit, but I’m on my way to the Needles District. I don’t need a permit. Ever been there?