Tuesday, April 4, 2017

"What happens in Vegas, stays...

in Vegas."

So, I was in Vegas and I'll tell you what happened. 


I wasn't in Sin City for three painfully long nights to gamble, see a show, start smoking Marlboros, drink $1 specials of Bud Lite, inhale a $12 all-you-can-eat buffet or procure a Lady of the Night. I was stuck there waiting for Barley's sick transmission to be replaced. A well spent $150 bribe helped the project along, or else I'd still be trapped. Best $ for the value. One of the few 100% no smoking hotels available in Vegas cost more than the "palm grease" did. 

My escape route took me to the Mojave National Preserve for two quiet days and silent nights. The only smoke I dealt with was from my evening campfires. In didn't matter that I spaced the Ingredients for S'mores. I felt happy.

Today,  I'm in Joshua Tree National Park. It's more than invigorating windy. It's rock Barley the Van to and fro windy. I'm hoping that invisible force takes a sunset siesta. 

I want to Happy Hour with a campfire. Shucks! I still don't have S'mores ingredients. 

Photo below: I placed that square boulder on top of the heap to create a more picturesque photo op. No biggie, it's what a W W J does for his avid readers.

Last photo: I'm thinking of getting a playmate for Fido. I believe Horace the Tortoise would be perfect. No. I wouldn't do that. They need to live free and procreate.

BTW: Desert Tortoises are on the endangered species list. They get run over a lot my mechanically minded humans. Poor little guys can't sprint away. 

Fun fact: There are two sub-species of Desert Tortoises. One variety lives on one side of the Colorado River, the other on the other side. Apparently, they swim as poorly as I do. 

From windy Joshua Tree NP, CA

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  1. Beautiful flower pictures - and I'm so glad you left the tortoise to procreate. There should be a tortoise friend for your dog in a toy shop somewhere - or try the world wildlife fund website for an online option for adopting an endangered animal stuffie.