Monday, November 28, 2016

According to the President-Elect,

A friendship like this should never had happened. 

But it did.

Andy is a former boss, a devout Christian, a non-IPA quaffer, a fifth generation Hispanic-American and a devoted husband, father and now, grandfather. 

In other words he's everything I'm not. The one commonality we share is experiencing the pangs of prejudice. Andy for his skin color and name, me for my religion. 

How did this friendship evolve?

It began in 2013, when I was living in Tucson, AZ. 
A round of the World Baseball Classic was scheduled to take place in nearby Phoenix. Wow! International baseball a mere 90 miles away. I had to go! 

As usual, I went fishing for company. I shot an email out to all the baseball fans I knew. (I always go fishing for company, but usually come back with an empty creel) I got a base hit. It was from Andy. "Let me ask the Mrs. about this," was his response. (I told you he is a devoted husband!) 

A day later, Dora gave Andy the "steal sign." He was free to go. She was supportive enough to book his flight and our hotel rooms near Chase Field. What a woman! 

I picked Andy up at the Phoenix airport on a Friday afternoon in March, 2013. A few hours later we walked into the stadium. 

Team Mexico was playing Team USA. The crowd was mostly from "South of the Border." Mariachi bands were all about. The eagle, serpent and cactus Tri-color flag of Mexico was everywhere. The whole scene was incredibly festive and very International. We were both smiling.

When Andy's "Brown Brothers" saw us together, I could almost hear their thoughts. "Senor! What are you doing with the Gringo?!!!" We were definitely the Odd Couple. 

It was a well played game with Team Mexico coming out on top. Andy and I headed back to our hotel rooms. Once again, we ran the gauntlet of "Senor! What are you doing with the Gringo?" 

Some questions are best left unanswered. 

After three days of baseball, hiking and Happy Hours (me with a few IPAs, Andy with a few soft drinks), the bond was sealed. My old Boss got enrolled as a "brother from another mother" to me. 

If a First Generation American-Jew and a Hispanic Christian can become friends, think of the possibilities. 

I'm Jeff Sambur and I am running for President in 2020 on a platform devoid of hate, bigotry, intolerance and wall building between counttries. Please climb aboard.

DTCP in 20


  1. Bless you both. We're all children of the same God.

  2. Great story Jeff, and I heartily second Lee's comment above.

  3. Where do I send the campaign contribution!

    1. I love that. Hilarious. Thanks for all your support. We will need to get the word out in order to turn a few Red states Blue.

  4. I'm with Dick...but Red is my favorite color. Nice piece, Jeff! Give my regards to Andy next time you see him!