Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Day in Athens...

Of course I visited the Parthenon! 

Every human regardless of race, creed, religion or color goes there while in the Hellenic Republic. 

It's an old amazing place. This civic works project began in 447 BC in tribute to the Goddess Athena. When I saw the relics, I realized those workers weren't paid on a Union scale. It took a lot of effort to move those marble Doric columns. 

The Parthenon has a complicated history (like Greece). There were the ancient Greeks,  of course. Then came the Persians, Venetians, Romans, Franks, Visigoths, folks from the Ottoman Empire and a few impact players from the United Kingdom. And not necessarily in that order. Yes, there was heaps of plundering and destruction. (It's always a bad day when those Visigoths turn up unannounced.) 

Now the invasion force arrives from all over Planet Earth. Regardless of the human's origins, everyone shells out €20 for the privilege to invade the site. There weren't many complaints. 

Here's heaps of photos. Including a tourist posing in front of the Ancient Temple of Selfie Sticks. AKA the Temple of Narcissism. 

In the last two pix is a comparison of my trail companions within a 48 hour span. 
Yes, the number of two legged animals have been sort of overwhelming. 

"Back to the US! Back to the US!" Manana.
A paraphrase from the Beatles,

It's been fun!

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