Thursday, February 4, 2016

But Wait! There's More!

Keep reading this blog about Machu Picchu and you can win a set of Ginsu knives! (Not really). 

Right now, I can create a few more posts about South America or South Florida. 
Maybe I can write one about the best "Early Bird Specials" in Palm Beach County, Florida?

I think you will enjoy the extra South American blogs more.

Way back when the Machu Picchu part of my trip was closing in fast, I decided I better look at the information bulletin to see what I got myself into. Contrary to what my retirement card says, I'm not really organized enough to be a true vacation planner. 

Hmmm! The last day featured an optional hike to a mountain named Waynu Picchu. OK. I like mountains. The bulletin said there would be great views from the summit. OK II. I like pretty views. The bulletin said it would cost an extra $65. I didn't like that, but figured what the heck, I don't visit Machu Picchu everyday. 

So after our official tour was complete:

Alex the Guide pointed Kevin (the other curious hiker) and me to another gate. Of course we had to produce our passports along with uno mas ticket. We signed a ledger and uphill we went.

Waynu Picchu is featured in the iconic photos of Machu Picchu. It's the camera catching triangular shaped mountain dominating the scene. And rightfully so, the peak is 1,180' higher than the ruins. Those workaholic Incas placed steep steps, terraces and temples upon the prominence too. High Priests and local virgins supposedly resided there. I have no idea how they figured out the virgin's fidelity. This blog will not dwell upon that touchy subject either.

Back to the hike: It was crowded. At the top, I had to negotiate through a gauntlet of dueling selfie sticks. It was scary. I called over to Kevin to tell him I was heading down. Kevin wanted to savor the moment some more. I wanted to savor a cold beer and a meal. We parted ways. 

At the meeting place/restaurant I met up with the gang. Food, drinks and laughs were all served up in equal measures. At that point, I desired that more than another pretty view. 

If you would like to read another Machu Picchu perspective, please check out Lin Sanchez' blog.

Thanks from South Florida,

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