Sunday, September 13, 2015

Reunited with my...

Brother from another Mother. 

Brad and I are about to go into Great Smoky National Park for a 6 night backpack trip. Well, it's not the really Great Smoky NP, but Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park. However, with all the Rhode Island sized forest fires nearby,  it's very smoky. Somewhere to the west of Bishop, California through the obscure haze is the High Sierra Range. We believe they are out there somewhere. 
Tomorrow we hope to make contact with them. 

Brad likes me (sort of) despite his serious game face at Mountain Rambler Brewery. 
He needs to take a "how to smile" lesson from Little Dylan Sambur.
She's got the "don't be serious, be delirious" grin down. 

Keep the blogging fires burning while I'm gone.

PS. Happy 5776 Jewish New Year. We've been around for awhile.

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