Monday, April 20, 2015

Close but no...

Wave Permit.

The lottery process for scoring a much coveted Government OKAY is similar to a Bingo game.
You fill out an application, and a number is assigned to you. The numbered balls begin to roll in a Ball-O-Matic silver cylinder. One wooden ball is expelled at a time. My # was 
5. Lucky Winner #6 was drawn. No one had the moxie to shout "Bingo!" The losers in the audience might have throttled him or her.

So...I had to make other hiking plans. Originally, I was thinking about the starting segment of the Arizona National Scenic Trail. When I saw the route from the parking lot, it looked as boring as a slice of Wonder Bread with Parkay margarine slathered on it. Nope. Not today.

I doubled back to Wire Pass and hiked a small segment of Buckskin Gulch. BG is famous for  being the longest slot canyon in the world. It's usually wet, slimy, muddy and no place for the claustrophobic. A flash flood here would do more than ruin your day. 

I'll try my luck again this morning. However I fear my chances are as rare as discovering a 60 year old Jewish man living in a van down by the river. Doh! 

I included a web shot of the Wave. See what I'm missing? That sign will probably be as close as I come to it this go-around.

Happy Monday,

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