Sunday, December 20, 2015

What a difference a...

day makes. 

Another sunrise, another National Park and the feel good warmth of summer once again. 

We're in the Lake District now. It's sort of a misnomer since there seems to be more temporarily inactive volcanoes occupying space than placid bodies of water. The region reminds me of the Cascade Range minus the coniferous forests. It's here where White Death covered peaks spread intermittently along a rough north to south axis. It's a lovely site to see. 

Outside of Pucon lies the Villarrica Volcano. It send forth a slight plume of white smoke on a 24/7 basis. According to the authorities, it's no problemo. They should know, after all they are from the government. I checked all the exit routes out of Pucon in case the volcano's tummy starts to rumble.

The last few days have been free of 4x4 road hiking. We pay our $10,000 Chilean Pesos (about $15.00 USD), have a Conaf gatekeeper remove a traffic cone or two and we are in a National Park. Maps (when the Conaf folks have them) seemed to be drawn out by an overstimulated eight year old boy with a box of crayons. The trails are clean and maintained for the most part, even though we aren't always sure if we are on the correct ones. ("We're lost but we are making good time" Yogi Berra).

As we travel south the forecast follows suit. Looks like a cooling trend and wet stuff starting manana. Enjoy these summer photos. It might be awhile before we see blue again.

Buenas Dias, Jenny

Cheers from Chile,

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