Thursday, November 12, 2015

Poor Fido!

His owner (me) has to make a choice between feeding him or drinking IPAs and traveling.

Sorry Fido! You lose! That is UNLESS my blog fans and the Russian hackers buy my book! 

On the forth anniversary of "Destroying Demons on the Diagonal" being in print and Kindle editions, I'm a mere 99,623 or so sales from the New York Times Bestsellers list. I think I can! I think I can! 

Truth is, wandering is not easy on the credit/debit cards. It takes wads of greenbacks  to maintain this vagabond lifestyle. Sometimes I wonder where the $ will come from. That's why I'm a Wandering, Wondering Jew! 

See what the critics say about this soon to be adventure classic.

"Jeff is the Bard of bicycling" 

"Jeff takes you across the country, saddle sores and all." 

Here's my favorite from Robin, my bestest sister-in-law. "My brother-in-law writes better than he speaks."

"Destroying Demons on the Diagonal" won the prestigious Gold Medal IPPY Award in 2012. WOW! 

Seriously, it's a good read and for three bucks you can buy yourself or someone you know a Kindle Edition. Give or get the gift of travel. It's cheaper  than a Happy Hour beer and it'll last longer too. 

Here's the link:

Trust me, you might "like" it.

Jeff the wannabe Bill Bryson. 

PS: as you can see, I once used cute babies in my sales pitch. Why not a porcelain Pug now? 
PPS: Here's the valuable coupon.

One Valuable Coupon!
Upon the purchase of one copy of “Destroying Demons on the Diagonal” the bearer of this coupon is entitled to one free Happy Hour beverage.
Fine Print: This coupon is valid only if the author is present. No rebates, refunds or reconsiderations. This valuable coupon is not valid with any other offer.
But wait – there’s more!
Buy two copies of “Destroying Demons on the Diagonal” and get a set of Ginsu knives! (Only joking), but two Happy Hour beverages would not be out of the question.

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