Thursday, June 18, 2015

I can now add...

Professional Cat-Sitter to my ever expanding retirement card resume.

Even when house sitting, there's always a CATch. 

Kevin and Lisa allowed me to hang out while they rafted the Mighty San Juan River. 
All I had to do was water the plants, feed the cats and scoop up litter box feline poop. 

How is it possible for two cats who barely move, hardly eat and drink no water to produce so much by-product? I kept looking for a box of Ex-lax they might have slinked into, but none was found.

(Cat-lax?) Could they be bulimic? 

Alas, the large home wasn't big enough for the three of us. Since it was two against one, I slept in Barley the Van in the  driveway. I'm highly allergic to cat dander anyway.

If you were one of the thousand or so who read "Destroying Demons on the Diagonal", you would see the irony of this situation. A day without a cat hug is like a day without an IPA. NOT!

I think I'll stick to Fido the Pug as far as pets go. He's purr-fect. 

Thanks K&L!

En route back to Boulder now,

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